Hey there, I'm Bethany!
An Oil City, PA Nutritionist
Hey there, I'm Bethany!
An Oil City, PA Nutritionist

I'm a homebody, country living, bare feet in the grass kind of girl.

I became interested in women’s health and fertility after my own hormone struggles. I remember how I had finally worked up the courage to actually discuss how I was feeling with my OB/GYN (this in itself was huge for me). I shared how I wondered if some of the symptoms were hormone related. She proceeded to tell me that “If your cycle is regular, then your hormones are fine.”


Ugh…I felt a bit defeated. Wasn’t there some testing she could do? Should I go to another doctor, or would I hear the same thing again? 


But this Sparked a fire inside of me.

I wanted to learn all that I could about women’s health, hormones, and fertility. 

 I wanted to create a space where women could freely share what they are feeling and know that their feelings are heard and valid.

I have seen so many struggle when trying to conceive. So many women are told they have to try for one year and then they can go on to fertility treatments. Why wait a year if there’s things you can do now to support your body? 

Many go into fertility treatments thinking they are going to be the answer. And it is the answer for some and I am so happy that it is an option. But it can also be draining mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. And it is not a guarantee.

Let’s work together to uncover what may be at the root of your infertility and work to support your body to optimize your fertility. Click the button below to schedule your free call!